Oicw 2

70 (Bullet), 0-100 (Grenade)

Rips off Limbs?


Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition




Fire Mode

Single, Burst, Automatic


5.56x45mm, 20mm grenade

Used by


Can be selected on the outfitting screen after

Hospital (only if picked up in The Shop)

The XM29 OICW is a weapon in Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix. It a combination of an assault rifle and a grenade launcher. It has a scope and nightvision built into it as well.

In order to use the grenade launcher, the player must zoom in, switch the firing mode to "20mm grenade", turn on the "lasr" function (which activates a small red dot that shows the grenade's trajectory), then adjust the laser with the "range+" or "-" functions. Note that the grenades used by the OICW are different from the ones used in other grenade launchers. The grenade launcher must also be reloaded after every eight shots.

This weapon is only available in single-player mode. It can only be obtained by visiting the "Firing Range" at The Shop's lab before going to Kamchatka. After getting it at the Firing Range, it can be selected on the loadout screen.


The OICW's assault rifle component is essentially a better M4. It has much less recoil than the M4, which makes it easier to use at all ranges. However, it is a good idea to use burst-firing at medium and long range, as the gun climbs upward when fired for an extended period of time. The scope makes the MSG-90 obsolete, as it can zoom at up to 20x and can kill an unarmored target with about three shots.

The attached grenade launcher is difficult to understand, but it can be deadly if used properly. It has much better range than the M4's grenade launcher and the grenades can be launched farther (and explode must faster) than thrown grenades, so use it to take out enemies hiding behind something, such as an enemy in a guard tower or just past a corner. However, it takes time to activate the laser and adjust it, so make sure that the area near you is clear so that you don't get ambushed while trying to adjust the grenade launcher. Also note that the OICW's grenades have a low damage radius, so you'll need to get the grenade close to the target.

Because of how effective the OICW is, it should be taken on every mission as soon as you get it. The assault rifle function alone is worth using, while the grenade launcher is a nice bonus.