The USAS-12 is a weapon in Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix. It is an automatic shotgun that fires two shots per click.


Single PlayerEdit

Usuas12 2

40 (SP), 15 (MP),12 pellets per shot

Rips off Limbs?


Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition



High (SP and MP)

Fire Mode



12 Gauge

Used by

Prometheus, Triads

Can be selected on the outfitting screen after

Seaward Star

The USAS-12 is the ultimate close-quarters weapon. It high rate of fire can annihilate any enemy in the game, no matter how well-armored it is. It usually take around two shots to destroy a regular enemy, while armored foes take around four shots to kill.

The weapon's recoil is an upward climb, so remember to briefly stop firing after three or so shows so that the recoil doesn't makes you unable to hit your foes well.

When using the weapon, remember that its high rate of fire can quickly eat up the ammo in a magazine. Remember to reload as soon as you finish off an enemy so that you don't accidentally run out of ammo while taking out a group of enemies. The weapon has a short reload time (shorter than the M590 when reloading a majority of its magazine), so don't allot a large amount of time to reload.

The USAS-12's bullet spread is tight enough that you can use it medium range. However, at that range, the recoil will make it difficult to hit a target, so you should switch to another weapon if you can. If you can't, remember to quickly tap the fire key so that the recoil won't affect you aim too badly.