The SV. 45 ACP is a submachine gun appearing in Soldier of Fortune: Payback.

It is available at the start of the game and makes quick work of enemies. The SV is another great starting weapon and can be used effectivley due to having high total ammo and manageable fire rate.

A great class setup would be a suppressor to reduce muzzle flash and a reflex sight to extend range. The weapon also has 3 round burst mode for ammo conservation. The weapon also has an akimbo version that can be used to deal out even more damage.


The SV. 45 ACP at the weapon selection menu.


The real life Vector.

  • The real name of this weapon is the TDI Vector
  • Soldier of Fortune: Payback came out in 2007, thus making it to be on of the earliest games to feature a Vector as it was only being prototyped then.
  • Since the weapon was a prototype,the gun in game fires slower comaperd to it's real life counterpart.
  • When Mason wields akimbo SV.'s he folds the stocks.