M60 2

60 (SP), 55 (MP)

Rips off Limbs?


Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition



Medium (SP), High (MP)

Fire Mode




Used by

Prometheus (hand-held), all factions (mounted)

Can be selected on the outfitting screen after


The M60 is a weapon in Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix. It is a machine gun with a very high rate of fire.

The M60 is very powerful. Its high rate of fire, combined with good accuracy, can cut down enemies at any range. However, the most effective way to use it is against enemies at medium to long range. Burst firing (3-5 rounds) can kill any enemy at up to long range with ease and is small enough that your aim won't be affected by recoil. It can be used at short range, but this wastes ammo that could be used against enemies at longer ranges.

When using the M60, remember that its ammo is scarce. There's usually about three or so ammo boxes for it per mission, so don't use it to kill every enemy in the level. Instead, conserve it for enemies that are at ranges that would be hard for your other weapons to reach.

Mounted M60s appear in certain levels, such as the helicopter ride at the end of Colombia. This M60 does not need to be reloaded, so you don't have to worry about conserving ammo as you would with a regular M60. However, note that enemies can use mounted M60s as well, so be careful. If you see one using it, get far enough away from then so that they don't fire at you, then snipe them.