The M1014 is a shotgun that appears in Soldier of Fortune: Payback

The M1014 can be found in the first mission of a terrorist and can be equipped later in the game.

Overall the shotgun performs well and can be modified in order to tackle long range targets. Any sight available to the player can be used to increase the shotgun's effectiveness.This weapon's semi automatic nature is also another reason for this weapon excelling in the shotgun area. It's only weaknesses are its low capacity at 6 making the lowest capacity shotgun and its reload time.


The M1014 ingame.


The real life M1014.

  • "M1014" is the designation of the weapon only used by the USMC but many refer to this weapon due to popular media and film.
  • In reality this weapon is called the Benelli M4.
  • It is the only shotgun in the game that can be modified and the only semi automatic shotgun.