The CQC. 729 is a weapon that appears in Soldier of Fortune: Payback.

It is a very unique shotgun in that it holds 12 rounds and has a forward pump motion compared to a regular pump action shotgun. It can be equipped at the start of the second mission but cannot be modified.

The CQC. 729 is an interesting weapon in that it differs in the Xbox 360 version of Payback. In Payback, it has really high damage making it a very powerful weapon with it's high fire rate, capacity, and range. On other platforms, it should be used for it's high capacity as there are other weapon choices in the game that could fulfill the primary slot.


The CQC. 729 in first person.


The Real Life Neostead 2000.

  • Soldier of Fortune: Payback is one of the few games to feature this weapon
  • The original weapon is named the Neostead 2000, it originates from South Africa.
  • The shells loaded into the shotgun are .410 shells which are the weakest shotgun shells as they have a very small amount of pellets.
  • As previously mentioned, on the Xbox 360 version, despite the real life shells being weak, the weapon posses high damage.
  • Like the CAWS 90 the weapon has a high fire rate despite being a pump action shotgun.
  • The "CQC" part of the weapons name most likely means "Close Quarters Combat"